Aligning Organization Structure For Business Growth of A Textile Conglomerate


An Indian Textile company, a pioneer in comfortable and fashionable essential clothing sector.


  • With significant growth in the backward integration part of the business namely organic farming division, the organization wanted institutionalization of a formal structure in the division, which would enable it to better drive its vision over time.
  • Consequently, there was a need to define job descriptions for the positions mentioned in the proposed structure in order to enable clarity of roles and responsibilities.


  • Conducting a Diagnostic exercise with the Senior Leadership Team to:
  • Identify Organization/Division Needs and Goals
  • Identify key business drivers and vision
  • Designing an optimum Organization Structure for Organic Farming Division (up to 4 levels*) right from the CEO downwards with clearly defined roles and responsibilities by understanding the vision and challenges, and mapping the broad processes of the organization
  • Creating Job Descriptions to define the responsibilities and skill sets for each of the unique roles identified in the new organization structure (up to 4 levels)

Impact Created

  • Strong structure was devised for the client which was aligned to the current and future business needs, and adaptable to changes in the business environment.


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