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Wellbeing must be woven into an organization’s DNA. Healthy employees positively impact their organizations and societies as they indulge in meaningful activities for the greater good. This also works the other way around as societies and organizations could very well influence individual well-being positively through policies and initiatives that bring awareness and support, and inspire individual commitment.

Importance of Spiritual Well-being

Our Happiness & Well-being Solutions

Programs for Individuals, Leaders & Teams

Leading Self for Happiness

Our Signature Program which is designed to make participants discover the potential within, through mindfulness and lead for a better future. The program focuses on Capacity to Learn through Introspection about the past, reflection and contemplation in the present and learning to get into ‘flow’ without any anxiety about the future.

Mindfulness In Leadership

An experiential session which enables leaders to explore the significance of mindfulness through a series of conversation driven exercises and activities. A one-of-a-kind program where leaders experience positive effects of Mindfulness on strengthening leadership capabilities and effectiveness.

Nurturing Wellness

A customizable workshop where we explore the scientific reasons on why breath is the key to good physical, emotional and mental health. Participants practice in simple, easy-to-implement exercises, techniques and meditations that can be incorporated into daily life.

Organization - Wide Initiatives

An end-to-end customizable solution for building a happy and high-performance organization.

Discovery Process

for context and customization


To assess as-is levels of happiness and well-being in the organization

Gap Analysis

By analyzing the survey results and identifying areas which need focus

Action Planning

Designing the transformation plan and key milestones

Leadership Workshop

for insight sharing & planning next steps


Pilot projects, internal capability building, mentoring and coaching

Measuring Impact

By doing repeat pulse-checks

Impact Stories

Impact Stories

Here's a glimpse of how our well-being programs have been received by participants:

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Conversations to Have

We interviewed Mr. Rajiv Mehrotra who is an independent documentary filmmaker, and winner of 32 National Awards. He talks about compassion, mindfulness and diversity.

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SEVA: Regeneration in Service to Life

Here’s an excerpt from the conversation between our Founder and Danile Christian Wahl who

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