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People are the most important assets for any business, and as the environment is becoming increasingly challenging, elevating people should be every organization’s priority. Our in-depth solutions help organizations in identifying, assessing, and developing and building capability, in an effective and efficient manner. This helps in making your workforce future-ready, enabling your organization to fulfil future talent gaps.

The role of a leader is to listen to people from different backgrounds, to truly empathize with what they are telling and then feel compassionate to say, I want to serve the well-being of others

Anil Sachdev
Founder, SOIL

How We Can Help

Integrated Talent Study

Our holistic Talent Assessment model integrates Personality, Behaviour , Cognitive and Skills assessment for identifying the critical attributes of individuals and teams that are correlated to high performance.

SOIL’s unique Talent Appreciation Process enables individuals to discover their gifts and enables them to identify areas of development that they wish to consciously improve.

Custom Learning Journeys

The feedback from our in-depth Talent Study can be the starting point for enhancing self-awareness in individuals and teams and for creating impactful learning journeys. To ensure employees stay in the lead we make upskilling and reskilling an everyday reality through internal experiences, skill gap analysis, valuable feedback, and contextual learning.

Feedback and Individual Development Plans

An output of the talent study is an in-depth Talent fingerprint Report which includes a summary of the individual's strengths, development areas and recommendations. Basis the report we provide feedback and work with them to create their comprehensive Individual Development Plans.

Client Success Stories

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Our solutions help you to

Appreciate the Context

  • Identify significant business challenges, internal and external context
  • Identify critical positions that will be needed to support business continuity
  • Identify competencies, skills and institutional knowledge that are critical success factors


  • Identify high potentials
  • Select the competencies individuals will need to be successful in positions and to meet identified business challenges
  • Categorize skill or competency gaps


  • Capture the tacit knowledge possessed by critical leaders and resources in the system
  • Develop a pool of talent to step into critical positions through targeted career development strategies

Reach Out to Our Experts

Our team collaborates with you to get in-depth insights about your context, culture and expected outcomes. It is our priority to customize and differentiate each and every solution with complete alignment to your need. Our approach is unique and incorporates appreciative inquiry, co-creation & design-thinking.

Sarthak Raychaudhuri

Partner, Talent

Nilesh Kumar

Associate Director, SOIL Consulting & Executive Education

Significance of Talent Management for Creating a Culture of Innovation

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