Transformative Coaching For Sustainable Outcomes

Coaching is highly transformative – both for the leaders and the organization. Amidst perpetual change and unpredictability in the environment, dynamic organizations are embracing coaching not just as a skill for leaders, but as a way of being, to help enhance self-awareness, accelerate performance, and achieve transformative goals. Organizations are increasingly adopting coaching as a proven tool for leadership development, performance conversations & culture building.


Our Approach To Coaching Is Simple Yet Powerful

We enable individuals to realize their potential and grow; thereby increasing their effectiveness as leaders. Our Industry Consortium, International relationships, and access to academicians & practitioners, give us access to a large pool of highly experienced coaches with diverse backgrounds. This enables us to match the coachee to a coach with the relevant experience and understanding of the coachee’s context.

Our Coaching Solutions For Your Varied Needs

Executive Coaching

Our approach for Executive Coaching focuses on enabling individuals to realize their potential and grow; thereby increasing their effectiveness as leaders.

The coach helps the coachee discover and leverage his / her purpose, strengths, past experiences, and beliefs to deliver superior actions and results. We believe, Coaching is about asking meaningful questions, deeply listening and thoughtful reflections, which leads to greater self-awareness, shift in one’s paradigm, connection with a higher purpose and more focused actions.

Our Industry Consortium and international academic relationships give us access to a large pool of highly experienced coaches, with diverse backgrounds that help us to match the coachee to a coach with the relevant experience and understanding of the coachee’s context.

Get in touch with us to learn about some of our best work in coaching several CEOs and global leaders and to learn about our esteemed panel of coaches.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a facilitative process that leverages the experience of a group of individuals who may or not work together and the resources and knowledge of a group of individuals working on a common theme but having different individual performance goals. It enhances social learning and helps in developing peer relationships. Group or Team coaching is most beneficial for team-oriented organizations. Our philosophy for Group or team coaching is to “Maximize learning in an Optimal manner while Sustaining learning through reflective practices”.

For maximum effectiveness we work with natural project teams or teams which have common developmental goals. Our broad approach focuses on:

Key Elements of Our Approach Are:

Focusing on the team’s business goals

Assessing the gaps between present and aspirational team goals

Aligning the coaching design to the organizational culture and context

Working with the team and respective individuals to identify individual and team plans simultaneously

Building A Coaching Culture

Several organizations now recognize the value of building a coaching culture that offers the opportunity to enhance skills and meet professional goals to employees across levels.

We partner with organizations to thoughtfully design an intervention whereby leaders are oriented on the power of coaching, building and practicing coaching skills, and also certified as coaches and master coaches.

Key Milestones of the Intervention Are:

Discovery to understand the existing culture and context

Identifying leaders for being certified as coaches (either through assessment or internally)

Conducting leader as a coach workshops

Setting up a coaching certification academy

Handholding and checking-in throughout the process

Spotlight Program – Leader as a Coach

A program that enhances your leadership effectiveness and enables you to boost your team’s performance

In today’s fast-paced, demanding and stressful work environment it is crucial for leaders to recognize the unique strengths of their team members and leverage these strengths for increased productivity. We help organizations design a customized coaching skills development program to develop their Leaers as Coaches.

  • Changing paradigms of leadership in the new age, including critical thinking and managing paradox
  • Appreciating the Positives through Appreciative Inquiry
  • Coaching models & framework
  • Coaching skills practice
  • Reflection and action planning

Key Learning Outcomes

Developing multi-dimensional leadership skills

Reframing limiting mindsets to one’s connected to values and purpose

Applying coaching skills to different business contexts

Learning how to engage in more meaningful interactions

Investing in authentic relationships

Empowering one's team to achieve their highest potential

Learning how to navigate through uncertainty and complexity

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