We have decades of experience working with organizations to drive culture change that reinforces the company strategy, aligns it to the purpose, and enables business success. We can partner with you to Articulate, Revisit, Deploy and Sustain the Tangible Elements- Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and EVP along with the equally important Intangible Elements - Norms, Rituals, Behaviors, which are the anchors for organizational stability & success.

Approach for Organization Transformation

Preparing the SOIL

In-depth discovery process to understand context


Co-creation of intervention design and roadmap and workshop with key leaders


Large Scale Interactive Process (LSIP) to engage with the entire organization and workshops with leaders and change champions for assimilation & dissemination

Pilot Projects

Pilot projects specific to each focus area - led by designated teams in expert mode for 6 months


To study the extent of alignment with existing processes & systems and doing a gap analysis and planning to institutionalize changes

Focused Solutions

Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values

We bring together stakeholders across levels of the organization to create a single unified community. We enable organizations to dream, discover and design their purpose, vision, mission and values and communicate it across the organization so that they become a signpost for both strategic and operational decisions and actions.’

Values & EVP Embedment in HR Processes

We deploy a systematic approach to institutionalize the values and EVP across the organization. We enable our clients to build a strong foundation for organization-wide values and EVP deployment and for effective promotion of values-based behaviors through positive modification in overall business and HR processes.

Culture Change

We enable organizations to adapt and navigate through various culture linked changes. We deploy the Large-Scale Interactive Process (LSIP) to ensure the buy-in of all stakeholders in any culture change process. Our approach for organizational transformation and change management has enabled several distinguished organizations in managing and sustaining their change efforts. Our roles include alignment of leaders, addressing concerns, cascading the communication to one and all, integration with HR workstreams along with optimising key processes.

Strategic Alignment

We work with leaders and their teams to build alignment with organizational Vision, greater understanding of the support required from each other and clarity on the ways of working together to enhance collaboration and effective execution. We help build collective ownership across all the levels of the Leaders / teams; towards a shared purpose and working together effectively to create high impact.

Client Impact Stories

Vision & Values Deployment For a Telecom Major

While the Joint Venture made business sense, it was a formidable challenge to reconcile the differing objectives of the shareholders and transform...

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Leadership Development Program For Partners Of an IP law firm

The leaders of the firm feel that although the partners of the firm are functionally very strong, they need to develop competence in areas such as...

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Highlights of our Approach

Appreciative Inquiry

To celebrate the positives and strengths

Large Scale Interactive Process

A revolutionary technology for harnessing the views of the cross sections of multiple stakeholders

Co-creation by a Design Team

A team that represents a microcosm of the organization and helps design the intervention with context and customization

Governance by a Steering Committee

A committee that helps review the progress on project milestones along with providing insights, approvals, and roadblocks


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