Annual KRA Setting For Various Functions Through Large Scale Interactive Process (LSIP)


The client is the pioneer of Ride Control Products (Shock Absorbers, Structs & Front Forks) in the country is the flagship company of a large auto component manufacturer.


The organization lacked joint ownership of various functions to achieve KRAs, and the communication channel was not effective. Also, there was usually a blame-game among the functions at the end of the year in case KRAs were not achieved.

Therefore, the organization wanted to perform the KRA setting process involving the leadership team and the functional heads, where the organization could get a buy-in from all the members to set the goals for the coming year so that there is a collective responsibility to among them.

Our Intervention

SOIL’s engagement involved the following:

  • Collecting voices of ‘multiple stakeholders’ to understand their expectations from the organization
  • Conducted LSIP workshops to help various functions to understand each other's perspective and the interdependence. This led to more ownership by each function to achieve the KRAs collectively.

Impact Created

  • Joint ownership of the KRAs by various functions
  • An opportunity to hear voice of various stakeholders including vendors and customers
  • Better communication among functions and enhanced understanding of interdependence for each other's success


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