Values Deployment For An Automotive Major


A 50-50 joint venture between an Indian and a European Automotive company. It is one of the biggest joint ventures dealing in commercial vehicles across India and other developing countries.


  • Post the joint venture, inspite of high performance, the management was struggling to create one way of ‘doing & being’ in the organization, people from the two entities did not have a shared understanding on the organizational values
  • The organizational values were created in ‘letter’ but not followed in ‘spirit’ and therefore served only as a ‘feel good’ factor
  • The management needed a way forward in terms of bringing alive the values in everyday action and decision making by the employees


  • Discovery: Personal interviews with the entire senior leadership team to uncover their understanding of the organizational Values and what it meant for them to integrate these with their daily work
  • Design: Long term intervention with a series of workshops with the senior management team to bring out a common understanding on each value in terms of ‘Norms of Dealing with each other and critical stakeholders’
  • Identifying ‘Values Champions’ based on seniority, commitment to the cause and facilitation skills
  • Training by SOIL of the Values Champions in the form of TTT on Values in Action with a complete Values Training tool kit
  • Values Champions to conduct Values training and clarification exercise organization wide to cover every single employee to create a shared understanding of Actionable behavior in line with organizational values


  • Fostered a shared understanding of each organizational value
  • Actionable Behaviors were aligned to the values to enable each employee to measure his/her own actions in light of the value system
  • Clear road map for facilitating a shared understanding and commitment to values across the organization was provided through up-skilling of Values champions.


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